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- Before Companies Act 2013, only listed company was required to do Consolidation.As per AS 21, Consolidated Financial Statement (CFS) is required to be prepared only for a 'group' of enterprises under the control of a parent. R 723 (E) dated October 14, 2014 and introduced the Companies (Accounts) Amendment Rules, 2014.

Once the company owns 50 percent of another company, then the company uses the acquisition method and must consolidate the financial statements.

One of the tricks to solving problems involving intercompany eliminations is to understand the entries that A and B would book in these cases.

To determine the sales price, we need to divide the 0,000 cost by 60% (100%-40% margin).

A foreign subsidiary can be an integrated part of the consolidated company’s business or an independent self-sustaining business that is for investment purposes.

Ledger accounts of integrated subsidiaries are converted and transferred to the consolidation company according to the accounting convention of the country/region of the consolidated company.

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