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Once you have convinced a prince to be your partner in the adventure portion of the game, you can take them to the dance floor where the rhythm gameplay comes in.

Similar to Ouendan, differently shaped strokes appear on screen that you will have to follow with your stylus.

Here is a list of Otome Games you can find on DS (only some of them are translated from Japanese).

Otome Game are video game targeted toward girls/women.

• Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Yumenoukihashi • Hiiro No Kakera : virtual novel (japanese only).

• Hoshizora No Comic Garden • Kirarin Revolution Tsukutte Misechao Kime Kira Stage : great if you are 8.

Princess Debut is a rhythm and dating sim otome game developed by Cave and published by Natsume.

One night a princess and her servant from a parallel world come to Sabrina's house through a magical portal that opens in her room.It can be a love game/sim dating with several single male running after you ( Best game are in bold.• Arabian Lost: ridiculous chara-design, poorly done, too much talking, don’t bother.The game has a total of 14 possible endings, giving it lots of replay value.You are also able to unlock up to 20 outfits for Sabrina to wear.

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The game puts you in control of a young girl named Sabrina who steps through a magical portal and ends up in a fairy tale world with talking animals where she's now a princess.