How to avoid updating msn messenger

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How to avoid updating msn messenger

To disable Microsoft Messenger service, follow the steps below.

Like Office 2008, Office 2011 must be updated by installing additional update packages, some of which require previous updates to be installed. The MSOffice2011Updates.munki recipe finds the latest Office 2011 update, downloads it, extracts the embedded package, and imports it into your Munki repo.

Right-click on the ad and select "Don't show this suggestion" if you don't want to see that particular ad again, or "Turn off all suggestions" if you want the ads to go away altogether.

Another way to make these "suggestions" go away is to go to Settings I expect people will fall into one of two camps with regards to these ads.

In order to prevent this problem, simply add the following installer_choice_xml entry to your Office 14.1.2 or 14.1.3 update pkginfo file: This installer_choices_xml section tells the installer to NOT install the "quit" subpackage in the update; this payload-free package attempts to quit open Microsoft applications before doing the update.

It works similar to IMAP protocol but its faster and more accurate than IMAP.

Now Microsoft has decided to retire Delta Sync protocol and the company is planning to replace it with Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol which is also used by Microsoft Outlook program.

This update will allow Windows Live Mail to again synchronize emails without any problem.

Actually this update adds support for Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol to Windows Live Mail program and also updates the existing Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN and other Microsoft email accounts settings in Windows Live Mail program so that the program can sync emails using new EAS protocol.

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This is a feature that's likely to be in the Windows 10 Threshold 2 update that will be pushed out to users sometime in November."We will continue to offer Windows Ads in Apps on Windows 10.

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